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Kumquat Kitchen...

eat, learn, live


Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Contrary to popular belief healthy food isn’t all granola and wheatgrass!  At kumquat kitchen we think food can taste amazing and still nourish the body and mind.


There is so much lack of knowledge and mis-education when it comes to nutrition and each person is different.  No one diet is the perfect match for everyone, we want to help you find what works best for you.


You want to eat better, you are confused as to how.  Let kumquat help.


A little background on Megan Davis, whom her friends refer to as Chef M.D.:


I have had almost as many lives as my cat, Henri… I’ve worked in restaurants, film, sales and was even an EMT.  I credit my parents for my love of food, a meal was always enjoyed at the Davis house.  Spending a summer in France at 16 helped grow that love into a passion.  Always one to use the freshest ingredients I could find and getting immense pleasure out of others enjoying the meals I prepared.. it was almost a primal instinct to feed people.

A few years ago with 2 diabetic parents and encountering some health issues of my own I  turned to my love of food to help me through.  Studying nutrition on my own and finally taking a holistic nutrition course I became enthralled with how food could not just ‘fill a gap’ but heal and help us stay healthy.

After another life and career change came along my hobby suddenly became my work, as a little barter deal of cooking in exchange for pilates turned into a booming private chef and nutritional consulting business.  I have learned to read my body and help others do the same so they can feel great whilst imbibing in one of the purest pleasures we have, food.

While my specialties lean towards the healthier side of eating, I have been trained in classic French cooking and am not afraid to whip up a pate or Beef Bourguignon from time to time... with Grass Fed Beef of course!  I am very well versed at working with specialty diets or helping create an optimal diet for you.


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